Rewires and Upgrades

Malvern Electrical Rewires and Upgrades

In older properties, the electrical wiring may have been in place for many years and may not have been professionally inspected since it was installed. In extreme cases, it may pose real danger of fire or electrocution. Even if it is still safe, it is likely that it does not afford the level of protection offered by a modern system.

The consumer unit or fusebox is the nerve centre of your electrical installation. It contains a main isolating switch that turns all the electrical power off and a set of fuses or circuit breakers that protect individual circuits, such as sockets, lights or cooker. If a major fault occurs in the wiring or an appliance connected to it, a large fault current flows and blows the fuse or trips the circuit breaker.

If you have fuses, you must re-wire or replace the fuse but if you have circuit breakers, you simply re-set the switch. All modern consumer units are fitted with circuit breakers.

Modern consumer units are also fitted with Residual Current Devices (RCDs) which detect very tiny fault currents and trip the supply. This offers an additional level of protection that many older systems do not provide and is of particular benefit in the more hazardous situations, such as taking a shower or using portable electrical equipment in the garden.

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